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Certificate Course in Cultural Analysis: CSCS and Christ College

Christ College and CSCS Certificate course in Cult
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The Certificate Course in Cultural Analysis is a part of the Educational Initiatives Programme conducted by the Centre for the Study of Cultural and Society (CSCS) in collabration with Chist College, Bangalore and is offered to undergraduate students at Christ College as well as other interested participants.

The Certificate Course is planned across 15 weeks, consisting of three teaching hours every week (Saturdays 14:00 - 17:00 hours)and other short term and long term research projects undertaken by the particpants.

The objective is to problematise, conceptualise and nuance the understanding of Culture and link it with the larger academic preoccupations at an undergraduate level. The sessions this course are focussed on issues of Representations, exploring Urban Cultures and City Spaces, Questions of Identity and Representation, and the notion of the past and Histories.

This site is an attempt at providing supplementary help wherein students can come and initiate discussions and start debates spawned in the classes. The four course co-ordinators will help in facilitating these discussions and furthering the academic inquiry. The site also hopes to become a consolidated archive of class room teaching material and texts that the students engage with in the course of these sessions.

Course Objectives

The course ‘Certificate in Cultural Analysis’ is a short-term course offered at the undergraduate level.

Objectives of the course:
To introduce students to concepts such as ‘culture’ and ‘representation’

To point out problems with associating ‘culture’ only with ‘tradition’, ‘heritage’, with certain forms of art/aesthetic expression

To move away from the use of ‘culture’ in an evaluative manner as in ‘high culture’, ‘low culture’

To recognise that studying culture does not necessarily mean studying a certain tribe/race/ethnic group, or things of the past, that there are no ‘canonical texts’ prescribed for the study of culture and society

To train students in skills for analysing contemporary practices and handle a wide variety of material: from academic texts, newspaper articles, popular cinema, and other types of visual material

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