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Guidelines for the short term assignment...

The trip to forum was, hopefully, edutainment for everybody. However, it wasn't all meant to be fun, and for those of you who did come and do your work, you must have realised that work can be fun as well!!!

And after that small pep talk, here are the guidelines that I had talked about, that you were to take into account while submitting your short term assignment for your module.

But before we get on to there, here are a few reminders about the assignments:

1. Your assignment has to be an essay, rather than a set of answers to questions that I put forward.

2. The assignment has to be at least a thousand words long. (1,000 words, for those who have a problem in coverting from words to figures :) )

3. The assignment is due on the next class on Saturday, the 28th of August, 2004.

4. Um...there is no alternative to the assignments. And also, there is no extension in the deadline.

And now for the questions you need to ask, while doing a spatial analysis of The Forum.

1. Identify a lifestyle product. Does the larger category of the product you have chosen, include products segregated at different levels?
Remember: The product is not to be confused with the brands. The entry point is a chocolate brownie, not Java Green that might be selling it!
ex: If Food is what you define as your lifestyle product, is the food available at different levels or is it a homoegeneous category?
What does this segregation seem to indicate?
Do these differentiations attract different customers?
How are they packaged to give you such an idea?

2. Explore the space that houses the product.
Is the space defined by the product?
Is the product, in turn defined by the space from which within it is sold?
Is the space unique to the product?
Will these products also be available in other spaces?
If yes, then what is it about this particular space that makes people consume them from here?
If no, what is unique about this space that makes them accessible?

3. What all is set out for consumption in the spaces where your chosen product is out for sale? For example, what are the people engaged in window shopping consuming?

4. How do you draw links between the product you've identified, lifestyle/cultures and consumption? Is this traingulation characteristic to a certain notion of urban and cosmopolitan cultuesr that The Forum stands for? Are they unique to the notion of the City?

5. What are the different parameters by which you determine lifestyle? What are the notions of Urban Cultural practices that are predicated in the act and fact of going to the mall?

6. Can we read the mall as a dystopic space?
Would you like to create a dystopic narrative of that space?
How and why?
Comment on the 'New' Cultures that is seems to be promoting. Have a look at the social networking patterns that it houses.

7. What does the mall, thus described, stand for?
We started with a notion of the mall as a space that can be identified as a 'temple of globalised modernity' .
Does this earlier idea undergo some kind of a change?

8. Can you notice the paradoxes that exist within the malls? for example, we had looked at the paradox of how Microsoft encourages piracy of its own software.
Draw a link between any two and try to understand what is it within the space of the mall that allows for the paradoxes to exist.

And that's about it. If you have any more questions, buzz me, mail me, query me or call me. But make sure that I get those assignments by next Saturday...

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