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That's my first reaction. I just completed going through your short term assignments for my module and I must say I stand terribly impressed and humbled - Impressed because of the kind of work, application and initiative that some of you have shown, humbled because I am sure that at my undergrad courses, I did not often produce papers of this standard.

So well done class. Most of you have done a good job and a few of you might not even need to rewrite your papers. I shall hand over the comments in two weeks' time and then you will have two more weeks (a week after you exams get over) to hand in the re-written assignments if you would so wish.

Just to make things a litle more exciting (and keeping in mind Vishwajeet's feedback that things have been horribly murky in the course of the course), here is a grading system that we shall indulge in for the time being. I am borrowing from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and here is what your grades will be like...but only for these assignments. (Your final grades will be more er...keeping in standards with established norms)

Your grading patterns:

E- Exceeds Expectations.
A- Acceptable
F- Fair.
--- This is the passing limit. Anything below this goes plonk!---
P- Poor
D- Dreadful
T- Troll!!!

So once again, very well done class. Keep up the good work.

p.s. Amritha, I do owe you a chocolate :)
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